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So what about the expected drop in Facebook reach?

by PaulMedia [PM] Administrator (comments: 0)

In the recent weeks, messages about a possible loss in Facebook reach popped up. In six countries (Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka) all posts by pages were moved to the “Explore feed” (to be found in the left column of Facebook under “Explorer” and in our case by clicking on “see more”). A massive loss in engagement was the consequence in the example of Slovakia, probably the most comparable country to Luxembourg of the six countries mentioned above. Anyhow, the traffic on the biggest Slovakian media websites did not change a lot after these changes. Probably this was due to the importance of these media and to the different behavior of its readers.

But smaller pages were affected in Slovakia in a heavier way, figures of drops around 75% were published.

For the big media companies, it might be a relieving fact that they are less dependent of Facebook than they might have thought. But many other organisations running Facebook pages might face considerable problems: be it NGOs, small, local clubs or basically anyone managing a page with smaller numbers in followers and smaller budgets to fund sponsored articles – these might not to be able to bring their engagement at level again.

So what to do?

As Facebook’s plan is to grow social interaction and private conversations again (the “social” part in “social networks”), page posts that lead to more interaction / engagement will still have a chance to be seen more often than posts that don’t do this. The rest of the audience might be regained by sponsoring posts or by investing in other channels or networks to compensate possible losses. But obviously it’s the question on how much more time and money smaller organisations are willing and able to invest. Videos are also cited as a mean to more traffic. Clever content management will thus play an even more important role in this new game.

Why is Facebook doing this?

The reasons – apart from the “more social interaction” argument – seem to be simple: Facebook tries to sell more and more expensive ads to publishers as the advertising business is like for any media company Facebook’s biggest source of revenue.

At the end of the day, excepted for six countries in the world, “we’re not there yet”. Like many other countries Luxembourg is not yet affected by these new implementations so publishers have to see it as a chance, that they get this warning quite early. So bypasses, adaptions and changes for them can be planned in a decent way to avoid a massive drop in reach. It is too early to say what a best practice for this would be. Maybe it’s diversification on different channels, maybe it will be something else.

PaulMedia will try to gather more information in the coming weeks and months and will keep you informed on this place. In the meantime, you can book our social media training to learn how to best use the internet for your purposes – with first new ideas to face possible reach drop included!



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