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Facebook verified status

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Recently, a harassing message on a Facebook page which seemingly pretended to be the youth section of Luxembourg’s “déi Lénk” (the Lefts) party appeared for a short period. This message said “Féck de Grand-Duc! Féck Lëtzebuerg!”, in English “F**k the Grand Duke! F**k Luxembourg!”. The main party claimed later that this Facebook page wasn’t their youth section’s official one.


A major problem appears here on Facebook: to get an official verified status for your page. As it is pretty hard to get this status and as everyone can create such a page without control of neither the persons in charge or the content or organisation it apparently is linked to, things like described are more likely to happen than one would think.


Google has gone into the correct direction, business and Google+ pages can easily be verified for everyone by publishing the official street address or phone number and Google will send a text or voice message or a postcard with a verification code. Sure, manipulation is also possible there, but it’s much harder.


So it should be in Facebook’s pure and own interest, to introduce a similar and easy procedure to get your page verified and which is first of all available to everyone: what many don’t know is that Facebook is enabling the verification feature in the page settings only depending on hard-to-find-out requirements, such as your location, your amount spend on Facebook ads, the popularity and importance of your page etc.


To avoid duplicate and fake pages, it should be a must that everyone will be able to access the verification features. It’s not hard to implement as Google proofed it and if Facebook want to be seen as a serious company taking care of its users, they will have to start taking things more seriously than just allowing users to report fake pages or harassing content where a clear follow-up is not really given, either.


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