Special websites for Football Clubs of Luxembourg

The Football Basic Website

  • Football Basic Website: € 500 (based on S package)
  • Google analytics integration: € 50
  • FuPa redirection: € 50 per year *

* FuPa redirection is an even cheaper way to present your football club on the web. Get your customized web address (i.e. www.myclub.lu) and redirect it to your club's page on www.fupa.net/luxemburg!


FuPa Luxembourg

FuPa Luxembourg is a major project for which PaulMedia is in charge of in Luxembourg via which we run special offers for football clubs. These offers contain a basic website dedicated to football clubs that will be pre-customized for your club (colors, logos etc.) and which contains the FuPa widgets with the squads, statistics, calendars, results etc.


Screenshot of a sample Football Basic Website

Football Basic Website screenshot


This Football Basic Website can also be extended and customized (both are not included in the € 500 package, though), the layout is from the start fully responsive and the CMS is easy to handle.

Check one of our references, which was an extended package, on www.tricolore.lu!


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