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Nowadays, social networks in particular and digital media in general are important to make your business popular and grow. Social media marketing and analysis are becoming ever more important. PaulMedia explains you how to include social networks into your website and web strategy.



Our Services

Pages Places Statistics Automation Custom Training

- Facebook
- Google MyBusiness
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- community

- Facebook
- Google MyBusiness
includes analysis of:

- community
- engagement
- click-through-rates
includes push of news to:

- Facebook
- Google MyBusiness
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
a tailor-made set-up
for your needs
3 hours of basic training
in social media
- Commercial
- Non-profit

Extra services

As additional services we can take over your online marketing and design and publish online ads for you including search engine advertising. Learn more about this by getting in touch with us!



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