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Dear internet and Luxtrust users in Luxembourg, watch out! At the moment so-called phishing e-mails may turn up in your inbox looking as if they were from Luxtrust – but they are not! Phishing means that criminals imitate websites and ask you to login to get your usernames and passwords.

On the screenshot attached to this message we highlighted a few parts that help you identifying that the e-mails are not originally from Luxtrust!

a) the sender claims to be Luxtrust, but isn’t as one can clearly see in the e-mail address behind the @ sign

b) Although the link displayed looks like Luxtrust’s 3dsecure login product, it refers to an unknown and not reliable web address (URL) as you can see in the bottom line while hovering the mouse pointer over the https://www.3dsecure …. line.

c) HOW TO PROCEED: do not click on ANY link in the e-mail, delete the message for good (so also from your trash bin) and warn other people about it i.e. by sharing this message!

Luxtrust Phishing alert

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