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Digital media in sports – no need to look for experts in Germany!

by PaulMedia [PM] Administrator (comments: 0)

Experts from Borussia Dortmund and the Nürburgring race track held a conference yesterday in Differdange’s Lunex university on digital media in sports, as reports.


Definitely the attendees have received a professional presentation and hopefully a lot of information on how to proceed with their clubs or associations in the digital world.

The author of these lines started up a business focussing on this topic more than two years ago and it might be a little stunning, that in the RTL report no Luxembourgish companies are mentioned which offer these services. We don’t know if there were any at the event, but having proofed the skills in this business for more than two years now, one wonders why – as so often in Luxembourg – foreign experts are preferred in the Grand Duchy and the prophet is without honour in his own country.

Are we prophets? Not at all, but having established projects like which is soon achieving 5 million page views in not even 18 months for a country of a population of a little more than half a million, having had last month more than half a million page visits, does not need any further proof of skills.

And just to mention it: Borussia Dortmund’s new media department is in cooperation with a German digital media company whose founder has been the tutor of the author of this article, during his Digital Media training a few years ago and that’s where we come full circle.

Last but not least: is Borussia Dortmund comparable to ANY sports club, federation or institution in Luxembourg? Not at all! BVB have more than 140000 members, are traded at the stock exchange and they have more than 15 million subscribers to their Facebook page. Compare this to our 2016 final report on digital media in Luxembourg football, the file can be downloaded here!

So if you are really interested in having a decent training in social media for sports clubs in Luxembourg, simply check our different services and get in touch with us!


UPDATE: we received confirmation that this event RTL reported about was organised indeed by my former tutor, although this is not mentionned at all in the news report. By this article PaulMedia did not have the intention to critisize the event as itself, but the typical Luxembourgish attitude to ignore local businesses!



Paul Krier, certified New Media Manager in sports by IST Düsseldorf

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