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Our purpose and mission

PaulMedia [PM]

PaulMedia [PM] - Paul Krier New Media Management - is a web agency focussed on the support of small companies, NGOs, non-profits and clubs with its knowledge in matters of the web, be it webdesign, social media management or content creation. With degrees in sports club management and social media management in sports (see résumé below), it is a special pleasure to help sports clubs improving their web and social media pages.

PaulMedia [PM] can assist you in improving and optimising your presence and communication in the internet to guarantee the best possible use. Or as a second way, we can take over these tasks for you!

Designing, updating and managing your website, linking it to different social networks and coordinating it with your marketing strategies will enable you to increase your number of customers online, but also offline. We talk Facebook, we talk Google MyBusiness and we have knowledge in e-commerce including automated connections of stock systems to Amazon, Google Shopping or LetzShop.

And the production of high quality content is a key to success where social networks and technology are the means for this purpose.



About the founder

Paul Krier

Paul Krier is the founder of PaulMedia [PM]. His professional education as an information technician and his long-term employment in the ICT derpartment of one of Luxembourg's biggest media companies helped him gain a lot of know-how which today is essential in the business of social media management. This enables Paul to see projects from two different points of view: the technical one and the one of a content editor.

In 2014 he started the PaulMedia [PM] project which now is established as a company. And as this is only one step of his own history, you are also kindly invited to check his résumé which you will find below.


  • 2020:    Diploma as technician in computer science by the Luxembourg Government, Chamber of Commerce and Chambre des Salariés
  • 2020:    Certificate in PHP & MySQL Web Development with the mark « excellent » by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education
  • 2020:    Became a member of sportspress.lu
  • 2017:    Part-time e-commerce assistant at GEA Luxembourg
  • 2016:    Certificate « Advanced Photography - flash photography » by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education
  • 2016:    Certificate « Professionelle Öffentlichkeitdarbeit für ONGs »   (professional PR for NGOs) by REsearch & Action in Luxembourg
  • 2016:    Became editor in charge of FuPa Luxembourg
  • 2015:    Became self-employed New Media Manager with the PaulMedia company
  • 2014:    Certificate « Foto Meisterschule » (Photo Master School) by Chip Foto-Video magazine from Munich
  • 2014:    Received business permit by the Ministry of Economy (10047408 / 0)
  • 2014:    Certificate « New Media Management Sport » with the mark « good » by IST in Düsseldorf
  • 2014:    Startup of the PaulMedia [PM] Project
  • 2013:    Started working in the ICT department of SNCA in Sandweiler
  • 2012:    Certificate in sports club management basics with the mark « very good » by IST in Düsseldorf
  • 2011:    Certificate in Photography for beginners by e-Luxembourg in Bettembourg
  • 2011:    Certificate in a project management training by ACF in Luxembourg
  • 2005:    Got elected on the FC Avenir Beggen board in Luxembourg
  • 1998:    Started working in the ICT department of Saint-Paul Luxemburg
  • 1998:    Started working in the ICT department of Electro Security in Luxembourg
  • 1998:    Diploma as IT technician with the mark « outstanding » by the 'Ecole Privée Grandjean' (Grandjean private school) in Luxembourg

Products and Services

How we can help you


PaulMedia [PM] supports you in filling the gap between technology and commerical success! We can design websites of all types for you, fill them with relevant content and implement strategies for a best possible use of social networks.


Products and Services - Overview
  • Web Design
    • complete websites
    • landing pages
    • microsites
    • e-commerce
  • Content Management
    • articles & texts
    • photos
    • videos
    • content strategies
  • Social Media
    • social media strategies
    • online marketing
    • analysis
    • training

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