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Football Website

Special websites for Football Clubs of Luxembourg

The Football Basic Website

  • Football Basic Website: € 500 (based on S package)
  • Google analytics integration: € 50
  • FuPa redirection: € 50 per year *

* FuPa redirection is an even cheaper way to present your football club on the web. Get your customized web address (i.e. www.myclub.lu) and redirect it to your club's page on www.fupa.net/luxemburg!


FuPa Luxembourg

FuPa Luxembourg is a major project for which PaulMedia is in charge of in Luxembourg via which we run special offers for football clubs. These offers contain a basic website dedicated to football clubs that will be pre-customized for your club (colors, logos etc.) and which contains the FuPa widgets with the squads, statistics, calendars, results etc.


Screenshot of a sample Football Basic Website

Football Basic Website screenshot


This Football Basic Website can also be extended and customized (both are not included in the € 500 package, though), the layout is from the start fully responsive and the CMS is easy to handle.

Check one of our references, which was an extended package, on www.tricolore.lu!


Interested in the Football Basic package? Then leave us a message:

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Social Media training for clubs

[PM] Social Media Training

Special offer for FuPa Luxembourg clubs only!

Training content:

  • defining web project goals
  • web design & technologies to be used and applied
  • the role of a website within the social media mix
  • from Facebook to Google MyBusiness & more
  • how to use social networks in an appropriate way
  • content: when to publish what?
  • monitoring websites and social networks



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All PaulMedia [PM] social media trainings take place on Saturdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm CET. A break of 10 to 15 minutes is included in the course. The training will be held in Luxembourgish, course material is in German. The software used is Webex and a download for Windows will be sent to the participants. For the FuPa special offer of only € 100 your football or futsal club requires at least one activated and validated FuPa club manager ("Vereinsverwalter"). A maximum of 2 persons of this club can join this course. A total maximum of 8 persons per training session is accepted. A minimum of 3 persons is required for the course to be held. In case of cancellation, the inscription fee will obviously be refunded.


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price: € 100 per club*
Content Management

PaulMedia [PM] can create, manage and analyze your website and social media channels.

You'll find our solutions under the following links:


Football press services
Football News

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by PaulMedia [PM] Administrator

BGL Ligue: die Ergebnisse vom Sonntag

[MATCH-9187402] [MATCH-9187403] [MATCH-9187405] [ADVERT-RECTANGLE_1] [MATCH-9187407] [MATCH-9187408]  

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Die Ergebnisse vom Samstag

Liga 1, Damen [MATCH-9340606] [MATCH-9340607][MATCH-9340608][MATCH-9340609] [MATCH-9340610] [MATCH-9340611][MATCH-9340612] BGL Ligue [MATCH-9187401] [ADVERT-RECTANGLE_1] [MATCH-9187404] [MATCH-9187406]  

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by PaulMedia [PM] Administrator

Lockerungen im Sport ab Anfang April möglich

In der Pressekonferenz der Regierung von heute Nachmittag hat der luxemburgische Premierminister Xaviel Bettel Lockerungen für den Sport ab dem 2.April 2021 unter verschiedenen Voraussetzungen in Aussicht gestellt. Wie genau diese aussehen werden wurde nicht präzisiert, abhängig werden diese Lockerungen vor allem von der aktuellen Stabilität oder eventuellen Verbesserungen der Lage sein. Bis zum

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