Content Management

To have a nice website or many Likes on Facebook is not everything! Your pages must stay "alive" and this you do best with a nice, creative and interesting content. PaulMedia [PM] offers you content of all kinds which can adorn your pages. By this you will be able to add value to your website or social media pages.





Our Content Management Subscriptions

S M L XL Custom
- 3 hours per month
- content creation
- 8 hours per month
- content creation
- 18 hours per month
- content creation
- 40 hours per month
- content creation
customized offer

Extra services

All content that cannot be created through the subscriptions above can be created individually. This creation of content, be it text, photos or videos can be made on demand and may be handled by subcontractors depending on the type of content and workload of PaulMedia [PM].

As another extra service we can also work out a detailed editorial plan for your company.



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